How to Install Freon in a 95 Chevy Caprice

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    • 1). Park the Chevrolet Caprice on a flat surface. Activate the emergency brake. If your Caprice has a standard transmission, move the gear lever into neutral. If your Caprice has an automatic transmission, shift the gear lever into park. Release the hood and prop it open.

    • 2). Locate the air conditioner pipes (which are made of aluminum) inside the Caprice's engine compartment. You will notice two different pipes. The thinner pipe is the air conditioner's high-pressure line and the wider pipe connects the vehicle's compressor to its receiver/drier. This is the low-pressure line.

    • 3). Locate the low-pressure service outlet on the thicker aluminum pipe. You will notice the outlet by its black or blue dust cap. Remove the cap and fit your R134a recharging kit to the outlet.

    • 4). Set the kit down to rest. Be sure to keep it away from any engine part that could shift or otherwise move, such as a fan. Walk one full circle around the vehicle and open the Caprice's doors.

    • 5). Turn the engine and the air conditioner on. After the engine warms up, set the air conditioner's blower on high and the air temperature on cold.

    • 6). Return to your Caprice's engine. Pick up the R134a recharging kit. Open the valve on top of the kit's R134a Freon container. Let Freon rush into the Caprice's air conditioner for 60 seconds.

    • 7). Close the valve on top of the R134a recharging kit. Let the system rest for 60 seconds. During this time, the system's blower will actively move the new R134a Freon through the system. Continue to add Freon in 60-second increments.

    • 8). Monitor the pressure gauge on top of the R134a kit. In addition, keep an eye on both the high- and low-pressure lines within the engine. The process will be near completion once both lines appear frigid. To be certain, insert a thermometer into the Caprice's central air conditioner duct and monitor the system's internal temperature.

    • 9). Remove the thermometer once the internal temperature reads 40 degrees. This is the standard reading for a fully charged system set to its coldest temperature. Sometimes the weather can directly influence this reading. If you recharge the Caprice on a hot summer day, the final temperature can plateau somewhere between 40 and 60 degrees.

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      Undo the connection between the R134a kit and the low-pressure service outline. Allow the Caprice to idle for an additional 10 minutes, and then let the air conditioner's blower fully circulate all the newly added Freon. Switch off the engine and the air conditioning system. Shut all the Caprice's doors.

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