How to Get Hot Women - 3 Rules That Guarantee Success With Women

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How to get hot women? You could ask this question many men and get thousand different answers. However, there are three certain rules that absolutely every man, who is successful with women, is using to get the women most men only dream about. Without these three rules, your chances with hot women are very low. So, here are these three rules you absolutely have to follow to attract hot women:

Rule number one: Show her that you have confidence. If you want to get a hot girl, you absolutely have to be confident. This is a must and without it you are doomed to fail! Women can not help but to feel attracted to a confident man. If you show a woman you are confident, she will know that you are a strong, masculine and independent man and simply can not resist you. Confidence is a chick magnet!

Rule number two: Make her laugh. No one wants to be with a boring person! If you can make a woman laugh, that's already half the battle. She simply can not hate a person who constantly tickles her funny bone, no one can! If you learn to combine humor with confidence, even a hot woman will feel attracted to you. Remember, a guy who doesn't take everything so seriously and can make everybody laugh is a big turn-on for a woman. Humor works on every person!

Rule number three: Treat her like a normal person. This is actually a very simple advice many men seem to forget. A big mistake guys make is to treat a woman as she's someone special. They put her on the podium and treat her like a queen. You have to understand that a hot woman is no different than any other woman. Sure, she looks better, but apart from that, she is exactly like other girls. Trying to buy her affection with compliments or presents never works. In fact, it has the opposite effect and it also shows her that you are a needy guy. Just treat her like a normal person and she will respect you for that.

So which men get the hot women? Confident men who can make women laugh and treat them like any other girl. If you are using all three rules, you are a big step ahead from other men. Also, you will be much closer in becoming successful with women.
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