Eating Out

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I know how difficult it can be to stick to a healthy diet when trying to eat out.
Here are some tips that might prevent you from totally "blowing it" the next time you dine out.
As soon as your food is served, ask for a box and put half of your meal into it to take home.
Restaurant portions are usually twice the size they should be anyway.
Don't ruin a nice, low fat salad with creamy dressing.
Go for the vinaigrette or oil and vinegar, and use them sparingly.
If you go out to dinner, are at someone's house for dinner or are generally in any situation where you cannot prepare your own food, do the best you can to choose the healthiest food possible.
Scrape heavy sauce off meat, order salad dressing on the side, and eat your salad first.
Eat your salad first and, when your dinner is served, eat your veggies first, then the carbs and meat.
You most likely will not be able to finish.
Request steamed veggies.
Don't let yourself down by getting (or sharing) a dessert.
Order some fruit or Jell-O instead, if you must have something sweet.
Arrive with a healthy meal in mind and ask for it without opening your menu.
This will spare you the pain of looking at an array of temptation.
After each bite, put your fork down, and don't pick it up again until you've completely swallowed the last bite.
Drink a glass of skim milk or soy milk before you leave your house.
Look for restaurants that serve "contemporary", "spa" or "California" cuisine.
OTHER EATING TIPS Treat yourself once a week to a something you love.
Don't pig out the whole day because you will undo all your hard work from the previous week.
Bring your own lunch and snacks from home.
Prepare the night before to save time.
Every time you crave something (example: a burger, pizza, cake, cookies, etc.
) write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar.
On Saturday or Sunday pull one item out of the jar and go for it! Be Well & Stay Fit!
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