Finding Arrowheads in Georgia

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Even if you're not from the south, there's denying that Georgia is an amazing state. It has beautiful woods, mountains, lakes, and you cant go wrong with the southern hospitality offered by locals. But, something not many people know is that it's also an ideal location for finding arrowheads, and if you're an arrowhead collector then you may want to take look into taking a visit to Georgia.

Georgia is home to many American Indian tribes, such as the Apalachee, Cherokee, Hitchiti, Timucua, Yamasee, Shawnee, and Yuchi. In the early days, these tribes created arrowheads out of rocks that were readily found around their community. Arrowheads were an important tool for these tribes as it allowed for them to kill the animals they were hunting. Over the years, these arrowheads have become scattered throughout the state of Georgia and are still being found to this day.

Many people have asked me where the best place to look for arrowheads in Georgia is and my answer is always the same €" wherever you can find them at. There is really is no €sweet€ spot in Georgia. Sure, some places might have more arrowheads than others, but I've had luck finding arrowheads in all types of different locations, especially in Georgia.

Before I give you tips on finding arrowheads in Georgia, I'm going to share the most important piece of information about hunting arrowheads €" It's to always obey the law! I know it's easy to venture off your path when you get caught up in the excitement of hunting arrowheads, but this can be trespassing, which is certainly illegal. You don't want to get a ticket on your arrowhead hunting adventure, so be sure to stay on property.

Something else that is illegal is to find and take arrowheads off of government owned land. This means you cant go into state parks to find arrowheads,

If you don't own any property and are concerned that you cant find anywhere to hunt, fear not; you can go on property that's not yours as long as you have the land owners permission. If you find a place that looks good, simply ask the owner if they mind if you go arrowhead for a few hours there. I've noticed that most land owners are more than happy to let you walk around for a while.

Some of the best types of locations I've had luck finding arrowheads in are streams, creaks, rivers, and woods. Try to go right after a good rain, as the weather will wash out a lot of dirt and debris and possibly uncover some of the arrowheads around.

Arrowhead hunting is a lot of fun, but you need to always obey the laws. In my opinion, Georgia is one of the best locations for finding arrowheads. So the next time you take a visit to the peach state, try your luck at finding arrowheads.
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