Internal Hemorrhoids Home Treatment - Natural Alternatives

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Internal hemorrhoids home treatment may seem more difficult than hemorrhoids that are easier to reach with various creams and ointments but the answer to solving the problem internal piles has a lot more to do with lifestyle changes than drug store solutions.
The reason your hemorrhoids continue to itch and be painful is most likely because of either A.
Hard stool/constipation or B.
Because you sit down too much or place pressure on your bum in other ways.
Knowing this we can tailor a long term solution and a short term one as well.
First - You need to make sure your bowels are in good condition or you are going to aggravate that hemorrhoid every time you sit down on the toilet.
You will need to make some dietary changes to do this quickly by eating a lot more fiber than you have been and drinking a lot more water.
Fiber helps to soften stool and makes bowel movements much easier and quicker and drinking more water will also add to this.
Second - If you are placing pressure on your anus by sitting too much, standing in the same place too much or you have a job or hobby that means you are lifting heavy objects fast you are causing hemorrhoids because of these things.
Make sure you take care when lifting and make sure to get off your bum every hour to take a quick walk and relieve the pressure.
Third - The pain must be dealt with.
The tips above are vital for an internal hemorrhoids home treatment but they do not stop the pain right away.
Because the hemorrhoid is inside the best thing you can do is to take a sitz bath and also use ice packs to relieve swelling and send blood away from the anus to relieve pressure.
A sitz bath if you do not know if a bath only a few inches deep that you sit in and expose your hemorrhoids to the water.
This has a soothing effect on all types of hemorrhoids
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