Fashionable Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets are among the most essential features that grace the heart of homes.  The building blocks of the area, these provide the storage needed to keep things as organized and every task as efficient as possible.  But other than functionality, this major dominating surface also plays a huge contribution to achieving a certain ambiance.  Thus if you plan on a remodeling project involving kitchen cabinets, aesthetics is a crucial factor to consider.  This article lays out fashionable cabinet trends to consider for a stylish cabinetry collection to maximize visual appeal.

Open Up

Kitchens have been dubbed the new heart of homes where most of the family's waking hours together are spent here. This evolution in functions that goes beyond the basic cooking and food preparation has made opening up kitchens to adjoin with the dining area or living room practical. And commonly kitchen cabinets play an important part here.  Base cabinets can used to create a division from one room to another without totally blocking views either side.

A Luxurious Comeback

What was once exclusive to the high-end kitchens of the past are making a comeback invading cabinet trends. The difference however, is that these luxurious woods such as oak, maple, and cherry can now be enjoyed even by average homeowners.  Hardwood kitchen cabinets are classic choices that offer not only an exquisite touch to kitchens but also durability to stand the extreme conditions as well as the laborious and extensive tasks done in the area. All-wood cabinetry is also a versatile option that is perfect whether the design is traditional or modern, and combined with other materials such as glass, metal, and others. You can also choose from a great number of finishes with mocha shaker, coffee glaze, cherry maple, honey maple, creamy white rope, concord cherry, and Oakland auburn as some of the most popular.

Functionally Fab Designs

Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice functionality over style. With today's cabinet trends, you can have a perfect blend of both. Innovative features that allow more storage without needing to unnecessarily build more is a great money and space saver. Some of which include:
  • Extension drawer slides
  • Deep drawers to store larger wares or more items
  • Pullout spice racks
  • Compartment for recycling or garbage bins
  • Lazy Susan for corner kitchen cabinets
  • Soft close mechanism for doors and drawers
  • Pullout shelves
  • Rollout cabinet drawers
  • Vertical storage
  • Drawer bins
  • Plate and wine racks

Mix and Match

Although cabinet trends vary depending on region, the very wide variety of options to consider and explore made way to making ‘mix and match' a popular theme in cabinetry. The variety can be achieved through using varying colors and / or designs.  A free-standing linen cabinet can be added to the décor and this does not necessarily have to be of the same door style or finish as with the kitchen cabinets. Using bolder colors for a set of cabinetry can also help create a focal point in the design.
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