How to Make Ancient Egyptian Paper

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    • 1). Peel the outer layers from the papyrus reeds. Slice the soft inner core into thin strips.

    • 2). Place the strips of reed on a board. Beat them lightly with a rolling pin to flatten and break up the fibers. Finish by rolling the reed strips until they are as thin as possible.

    • 3). Soak the strips of reed in a bowl of water for six days.

    • 4). Place a vertical layer of soaked reed strips on a board. Once complete, overlap this with a horizontal layer of strips. Make sure the strips in each layer slightly overlap each other so they bond together properly.

    • 5). Beat the woven strips with a rolling pin or mallet to further break down the fibers and bind the reeds together. Wrap the sheet of raw paper in a cloth, making sure to keep it flat. Place the papyrus in a press or under a stone slab or a heavy book with weights for six days.

    • 6). Remove the papyrus from the cloth. For an authentic finish, polish with a flat stone or a smooth shell.

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