How Do I Keep My Cat From Marking the Same Spot?

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Cats are very territorial and often spray or mark certain areas of the house repeatedly.
Most people believe that cats tend to do this more frequently when they are experiencing certain types of stress.
Here are some tips on how to keep cats from always returning and urinating in the same spot.
First of all remember that cats have a very good sense of smell, much better than humans.
So when you clean any of the areas where your cat has sprayed you must do a thorough job.
Even if you think it is clean your cat may still smell urine and want to visit that spot again.
Here are some ways to keep your cat from marking the same spot: 1.
Put aluminum foil around the area where they spray.
Cats do not like aluminum foil and it will make a noise if they choose to urinate or spray on it which will scare them away.
Also a simple helium balloon tied in that area might be enough to scare the cat away from that area, since cats might find a floating balloon frightful.
You can also try putting something sticky around the floor, like shelf paper.
Cats do not like stepping on certain substances so covering the floor in that area with something that your cat does not like to walk on can help.
There are also several electronic devices that you can use that have electronic sensors that will emit a noise and scare the cat away if they come near that area.
You can also try and make the area more smelly to your cats.
They do not seem to like the smell of citrus or menthol or even certain perfumes so this is another option you can try.
Use these tactics when trying to keep your cat from marking the same spot, remember one of the easiest ways to do this might be just to block your cat or prevent the cat's entry into the room.
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