Cheap Weekend Travel Ideas

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    Day Trips

    • Day trips can make for a fun getaway with only a minimal time spent traveling. Go to the water and watch the pelicans. Go on a bird-watching nature walk. Or, get a group of people together to rent a charter. By splitting costs, boat charters can be affordable. Enjoying a day outdoors while taking a short hike makes for a cheap weekend travel idea that can rejuvenate your mindset. In addition to calming your mind, a day hike can make for a healthy body workout. Many national, state and local parks have hiking trails. You can experience geographic history while on your day trip. There may be a small entrance fee. Check to see all that is available. Be sure to pack a lunch before leaving on any day trip, so you don't end up spending cash on unplanned food.


    • Hop in your car, drive out of your local area and discover new towns. Not only will you experience different scenery, you can get a sense of the surrounding culture and also meet interesting people. You may even come across some museums that provide insight into local history. These venues are usually free or charge a minimal fee. Another benefit of this cheap weekend travel involves new food; you may come across some new culinary delights that stay with you. Many times, small communities have a restaurant or special dish that they are locally known for. New towns could have architecture you have not seen before. Maybe there is a Civil War cemetery. You never know what new towns have until you stop and explore them.


    • Find a place within your state that you have always wanted to go. Check to see if any camping is offered, such as a KOA. Camping provides a cheap way to stay overnight while exploring a new area. If you do not feel like exploring the town, walk around the surrounding camping area. In addition to lodging, some campsites offer breakfasts, mini stores (in case you forgot some necessities) and bike rentals. Many require advance registration and deposits. Call beforehand to avoid any surprises. This especially applies during the holidays. Many campsites are booked months (even years) in advance.

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