5 Humming Ears Causes and a Powerful Solution

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Can you remember a time when your ears started ringing for no obvious reason? You yawned or shook your head and within a minute or two the ringing was gone.
Now imagine how it would be if those humming ears didn't stop and continued for hours and then days and continuing on indefinitely.
Think about how it would affect your life.
This is the problem that anyone with chronic tinnitus or T faces daily and there are some pretty major causes of this condition.
Exposure to loud noise is a very common cause.
These noises could be an explosion, gunshots, industrial machinery, loud music or anything that can cause damage to the inner ear.
My T was caused by exposure to loud music.
I played in bands for years and stood next to the drummer and the crashing cymbals took their toll.
Combine that with the guitars and the overall roar and there you have it.
Emotional and mental disorders like anxiety and stress can be a major contributor to tinnitus.
A general narrowing of blood vessels can result in humming ears.
A large buildup of wax can cause a blockage of the main ear canal and result in tinnitus.
This blockage can also result in serious ear infections which also can lead to T.
The bones of the ear can stiffen which often results in hissing, ringing or humming ears.
This also can cause abnormal inner ear fluid pressure which can affect your balance.
Certain drugs can damage the ears and make an existing case of T even worse.
A large number of aspirins taken each day can cause tinnitus along with some antibiotics, cancer medications and certain diuretics.
If you have T and you are suffering, you are much more interested in the cure than knowing about the cause.
I've found that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for everyone.
However there are some things I've done that have helped and I'm now much improved and am sleeping better and even playing music again.
Well, playing as a single and playing much more quietly.
What is working for me is a combination of mostly holistic remedies.
I've found that meditation is a huge contributor to those humming ears getting quieter, especially at night.
Meditation and a biofeedback program I now use have resulted in dramatic changes.
A change in diet, certain exercises and lessons that teach me how to relax and focus on what I'm involved in doing rather than the noise in my head has certainly made a difference.
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