Nursing As a Career Option in India

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Are you interested in becoming a nurse? You are probably wondering how you can get into the nursing field and the amount of training and experience required to become a nurse in a reputed healthcare center. Nurses as we all know are integral cogs in the healthcare set up. From working in hospitals with gravely ill patients or helping terminally ill in their homes, they are the people who help people maintain their health at hospitals or homes and even help them recover from illness by following the instructions of a doctor. The demand for nurses in the healthcare sector grows every year and a number of nursing institutes are also catering to this demand.

The appeal of the nursing profession is not just its size or growth prospects. Budding nurses are glad to know that the barriers to entry into this profession are not that hard. For instance, you can obtain a B.Sc Nursing degree with 10+2 (Science) with 45% aggregate marks in the main subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The duration of the course is 4 years. The profession of nursing is filled with limitless personal and professional rewards for those who perceive it. It's not just about science and treatment of diseases, nursing is also an art and anyone with the innate skill of treating people with care and devotion can turn into valuable nurses. Compassionate and caring individuals fit the bill perfectly. However, it is the choice of a reputable college or university which is the daunting task. Since the choice of a good college or university is the first important step towards a successful career in the field of nursing, the need to weigh pros and cons of studying at a particular college is all important.

How to Find the Course That Suits Your Needs?

A little research and an open mind - these are the two important prerequisites to help a student zero in on a great college for a nursing degree. Students who have just finished their 10+2 and are eager to take up nursing stand at the entrance of a maze. The digital age has helped students access all the information they need about nursing career options, universities that offer nursing degrees and more, but they remain confused about choosing a college in their hometown or moving out to bigger cities for better prospects.
A number of factors need to be considered at the time of admission or even much before. The accreditation and infrastructure of the college are the two most important aspects. They lend support to overall education and cannot be compromised upon. Faculty and placements are other important aspects, and you need to consider them all before you choose a nursing college. Nothing works like the good old recce, while you keep your eyes peeled for yardsticks such as accreditation and placements, don't forget to physically visit and get a good look and feel of the college you have shortlisted.

To a large extent, success in life is not always about the academic knowledge you obtain in a college. It also depends on other factors, what we normally call as "exposure". And, "exposure" involves a lot of things including interactions with members of the industry, getting involved in related initiatives such as medical camps, and of course staying in a hostel (which is mandatory for most nursing courses) will propel you into the real world, where you are no longer under the protective cover of your parents. Together with the right course, you will be equipped with the best character and spirit to provide the best patient care. Health care is a dynamic field, to stay current, and take up the best nursing course.
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