How to Submit a Change of Address

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    • 1). Visit the USPS website to submit your change of address online. Scroll over the "Receiving Mail" tab and choose "Change Your Address." Read over the privacy statement and click on "Click Here to Begin."

    • 2). Choose a "Permanent" or "Temporary" change of address. If you plan on moving back to your old address within 12 months, choose "Temporary," otherwise, choose "Permanent."

    • 3). Enter the date you want your change of address to take effect. You can choose a date up to three months in the future. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

    • 4). Choose the type of address change. You can choose "Individual" for an individual move, or "Family" for a family move. If you choose "Family" move, all mail with the family's last name will be forwarded. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

    • 5). Enter your full name, old address, new address and email address. Click "Continue" when you are finished.

    • 6). Enter your credit- or debit-card number. Your card will be charged $1 for verification purposes. Click "Complete" when you are finished.

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