Dot Mobi Domain Name Extension is Formatted For Mobile Cell Phone Business Or Personal Use

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The dot mobi domain name extension has to be formatted for the mobile phone.
Dot mobi does not work on any internet connection except a mobile phone.
What this means is that you will always have your.
mobi fitting in the small cell phone screen properly.
However, other domain name extensions can be made to fit on a small cell phone screen - with special formatting - but they do not have to.
Dot Mobi Domain Name Extension Fits On Mobile Phone Screen All The Time When Done Properly What does all this mean? Well, millions of individuals and businesses are being caught off guard when they have someone go to their website on a mobile phone.
Most do not have the dot mobi extension and do not have their website formatted for a small mobile phone screen.
In other words, the bigger screens on a regular pc or laptop computer show their websites fine - but when put on a cell phone screen they look odd.
Mobile phone users are not going to waste time scrolling left, right, up and down to find what their looking for.
Not to an extreme anyway.
The good news is that the dot mobi formatting can be done very easily and affordably by several website companies.
Dot Mobi's Always Show Properly on a Cell Phone - Other Extensions Only With Extra formatting Mobile Cell Phone Usage People all over the world are dropping their landline phones.
There are now more cell phone only households then landline only households.
Mobile phones are numbered at about four billion with over half of the world population believed to own a cell phone.
The five countries with the most mobile phones and their approximate numbers:
  1. CHINA 650,000,000
  2. INDIA 400,000,000
  3. U.
  4. RUSSIA 172,000,000
  5. BRAZIL 152,000,000
With the global explosion of cell phones it only stands to reason the phones will increase in its internet usage.
The dot mobi extension is perfectly situated to capitalize on this explosive growth.
Google - Microsoft - Nokia These are just a few of the companies that have millions of dollars invested in the success of the.
mobi domain name extension.
Some of the companies that already have.
mobi website addresses include: eBay, Amazon, Reuters, ABC News, N.
Post, Time Magazine, The Weather Channel, Fox News, Google and many more.
With these heavy weights investing in the.
mobi extension and already marketing their business to billions of mobile cell phone users - we can only imagine what the near future holds.
AT&T just released a mobile phone that you can watch movies and TV shows on.
GPS systems, high quality pictures, sports, restaurants, news-weather and shop till you drop.
The dot mobi domain name business looks alive and well.
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