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Google Profits is an e-book written by Wade M.
Winger and edited by Denise Blakenship.
It is centered on the money making methods by using Google AdWords and Clickbank affiliate products.
This e-book is created specifically for the new users of online marketing or otherwise known as affiliate marketing.
But at the same time, it also caters to marketers who are in the intermediate level.
It teaches the users what Google AdWords is all about.
It also gives users the background on affiliate programs.
Google Profits also explains what Pay per Click advertising is and at the same time tackles what Clickbank is all about.
It teaches users about these different topics that are very significant to a marketer to be successful in online marketing.
However, It mainly focuses on Clickbank and Google AdWords.
It teaches the users of the e-book how to choose the right affiliate program by using the given formula in the e-book.
It's 5-step formula to successfully choose an affiliate product is to first find a specific product, create an advertising campaign, identify campaigns that are profitable, choose and start a full campaign and expand it to make more money.
Each of these steps is further explained in detail that is separated in two parts, the information and the action.
The information part gives users a general idea of the step and explains why it is important.
The action part teaches the users what they should do using the given information.
Google Profits has a very understandable explanations for beginners.
It has screen shots to make it easier for users to understand the explanations and the instructions being given.
All in all, it is an easy to read book for beginner online marketers as well as to those who are in the intermediate level.
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