DIY Your Unique Iron Ons

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What are iron-ons?
"Iron ons" is a short saying of designed images that can be ironed on fabric with heat using a standard iron or a professional heat press machine. Thanks to this transferring technique, people can design their own special clothes.

There are 3 basic types of iron ons out there:
1. Iron-on transfers.
They are called so as they can be heat transferred from a kind of sticky paper to garments such as T shirts, dresses, jackets, etc. The designed images are printed onto transfer paper and then transferred in reverse onto clothes.
2. Iron-on fabrics.
This kind has glue on the back of the fabrics that can be easily melted onto clothes with a home-based iron. They are commonly used in patching clothes.
3. Iron-on appliques.
The appliques are small embroidery designs. As same as the former 2 kinds, it's applied to the garments in the same way.

1. Select which type of the above 3 types of iron ons you prefer to use.
2. Decide the clothes you want for, such as T-shirts, dresses, tank tops, jackets, jeans... Here we'll take a T-shirt as example.
3. Decide dimension specifications of the design image you want to buy. You can measure it on your T-shirt first, to see where you want to put the image and get an approximate dimension for it. When you choose iron-ons online, for example, you go to Alibaba for them, you'll find some are in particular sizes. Make sure you coose the ones that fits your T-shirt correctly, not too big or too small for what you have planned.
4. Decide the theme of the image you want. Iron ons are offered in a variety of designs and styles from adult designs to children ones. After choosing a specific range, you can picture what image you want for the T-shirt. For instance, girls prefer lips & kisses, necklaces, hearts, flowers, etc for their T shirt designs; Boys find skulls, crosses, sports balls... and kids get more attracted by lollipops, toys, cupcakes, small animals such as cats, dogs, fish, cute animal paws... Some people like to put specific numbers or words to show their interests, too. Just select whatever you like.
5. Purchase what you have planned at craft stores and fashion retail stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Wal-Mart (there are though not many), etc. Iron-on transfers may be difficult to locate in stores. But you can buy them online, too. There are so many online stores with plenty of designs of all types and themes and many offer nice ones with low prices.

Tips and warnings
1. Remember to calculate shipping into your final cost when purchasing iron-ons online.
2. If the image you choose for your iron-on is a small one or you really like the 3 images you search, you can use several corresponding iron ons to create a distinct design. You can mix and match several images to replicate a theme on your T-shirt. For instance, you may purchase the iron-ons of a sexy kiss and another shiny sunglass design, you can combine them together into one and get a fashionable face design.
3. Create your own designs on a computer, purchase transfer paper and print them out to press them onto your clothes.
4. You can even find some bling iron on transfers online. Iron ons of this kind are more fashionable because they are made of shiny glitters, studs, rhinestones, etc, rather than just clothes or ink. The most popular bling iron ons are rhinestone motifs, which are most liked by young girls.
5. If buying iron-ons from shops or online is too hard or you really want a unique creation for yourself, you can do your own design on a computer. Then you can buy transfer paper and print them out. Now you get your own personal iron on. Final step: heat press it onto your t-shirt!
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