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Various means and ways which are used to spread promotional messages to the public is called advertising media. This media includes billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and internet. The message is communicated through words, speech and pictures.

Advertising Media can be broadly classified into three categories:

TV commercials €" TV Advertising is one of the most powerful medium to advertise because a major part of population is regular viewer of television.

TV commercials provide detailed information about the product. Depending on your target group you have to decide the time, when your spot shall be shown. The advertisement should be according to the viewers. Television has a very strong impact on their viewers. Working Media Group is one such company which provides class services to their clients.

  • Printed Advertising €" Printed media is also an efficient way to advertise. The cost of television advertisement and printed advertisement is approximately same but there is a advantage in printed advertising that we can decrease the cost of advertising by decreasing the size of the advertisement. But there are certain points which should be kept in mind before going for a advertisement in print media:

  • Only use right-hand pages for newspaper adverts, because you first look at the right side.

  • The color is an important fact. Red signals mean danger and colors of the dusk make us feel comfortable and save.

  • The layout and the text are also very important parts of newspaper adverts.  The layout may take the readers look at the main information, and the text is just to inform interested people.

So the Advertising Strategies of a company that is providing media services should be very efficient so that they can provide best services to their clients.

  • Direct Mailing - Direct mailing is another form of advertising. The companies get a list of names and address and send leaflets to those people who might be interested in their products. Some people find this direct mailing irritating, wasteful and unsightly, so the leaflets land in the rubbish bin. Hence the leaflet should be attractive enough so that it catches the eye of the reader.

Media Services €"

Media services are companies that help a company to achieve its goal in becoming a household name or product. Media services helps to distribute news about any company and the advances it may be making. By using these services, it is easy to see how your company can become known by the public because media services allow easy distribution of company's information.

A media services company is a company that gets any company's name out there using print media, television, radio, etc. These services make it easy for your company to get its name into public discourse and recent studies have proven that media services are great help in increasing brand recognition. Brand recognition is a great way to improve the company's image without changing the existing image. Working Media Group is one such company that provides media services in New York. This company evaluates the market and competition of the client's company and then design effective campaigns for their client.

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