Insight on the City of Souk El Gharb

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If you ever plan on visiting Lebanon, you have got to take a trip of Souk el Gharb. It is a village located in the Mount Lebanon, and comprises of rich history and welcomes tourists from different parts of the world. It has the history of being one of the most renowned mountain resorts in a pine forest that overlooks the Saint George Bay and Beirut. In case you are on the lookout for information about this location and the community, you can refer to the internet. There are many online portals that are dedicated to offer details on the locals as well as the various attractions in this part of the world.

Professionals at these online portals are determined to promote the local community cooperation and innovation. To make certain that the visitors are accessible to genuine information, they provide quality services and create a progressive atmosphere. Browsing through these portals can help you acquire details about the services that Souk el Gharb offers. You can even access history about the city and even download all the agendas that are implemented to ensure proper running of the city.

One of the attractions of the city is the St George Church. Located in the West Market, the surroundings of the Church offer a destination that people seek for comfort and serenity. The market is located above the sea level and at a distance of 20 kilometers from Beirut. Visiting this part of the country can help you learn about its history which was not spared from the scourge of the Lebanese war. The events that engulfed in Lebanon left a deep impact on the families. The municipality council of the village is determined to make the Church hold great importance among the people. They religiously serve the needs of their community and ensure that all needs of the people are perfectly met.

Another renowned monastery in Lebanon is the Balamand University. It is a private and secular university located in El-Koura. It basically consists of nine faculties since the year 2000. They have several programs functioning that are targeted towards uplifting the living standards of the local people. The programs are held for arts and social sciences, business and management and engineering and health sciences. Other than the University of Balamand, the community plans to build a seven storey Balamand hospital. Souk el Gharb has several other attractions in store which can be accessed by visiting this part of the country.

The members of the Souk el Gharb community wish to make it the best town in Lebanon. When you visit the village, you will be amazed by some of the ancient architectures. You will also come across some of the identifiable Roman ruins in the town. Even some of the buildings here date back to at least the 16th century. Visiting Lebanon is one of the best locations to travel around the world. To acquire information on the same, browse the relevant websites and get a clear insight about the different packages. Rest assured your travel will be memorable and exciting.
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