Grease Removal and Grease Trap Devices

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Grease Removal DevicesGrease removal units or devices are similar to grease traps and have the ability to remove the grease and oils once trapped. Grease Guardian is highly efficient at grease removal and can skim away 99% of the grease that is trapped inside. Some grease removal devices use skimming wheels that collect the grease and transfer it to a grease collection bin. These Grease removal units are usually installed at source as they do not require the same foot print as a grease trap. The grease can then be sold or recycled.

There are plenty of situations when grease can get onto your flooring including carpeting, clothing or you may also find that grease stains happen in your garage from the car. In any case, A grease trap is a system designed for separating fats, oils and grease from kitchen waste water. These Grease traps are normally made from stainless steel and solids filters to prevent food waste entering the drains and they can be installed in the ground, in a basement or at source under a sink.

One thing that is important to take into consideration is the fact that not all grease stains are the same, each of these may need to be treated in a different way. The three predominant grease traps are Automatic Grease Removal Range, Manual Grease Trap Range and Food Waste Strainers and Traps. These are used to reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases. Automatic grease traps like the Grease Guardian have a mechanism for removing the grease once trapped. Choose a manual grease trap if you can remove the grease yourself or are happy to have someone pump it clean regularly otherwise install an automatic system to have lower on going costs and maintenance requirements.

Grease waste can cause blockages and disrupt the wastewater treatment process. Failure to include a grease trap or grease recovery device can result in fines. A grease trap is a legal obligation in most countries and food operators who fail to install a grease trap can get fined or face closure. Local authorities are more and more concerned about the buildup of grease in drains and the enforcement of an effective grease removal plan by food operators is becoming a priority.

FM Environmental manufacture and supply the highest quality grease traps and automatic grease removal units worldwide. You can buy grease removal units or devices online from our website To learn more about our range of grease traps visit our website today.
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