How to Save Pumpkin Seeds to Plant Next Year

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    • 1). Choose a ripe, disease-free pumpkin. Choose a pumpkin without cracks or abnormal growths.

    • 2). Use a sharp kitchen knife to cut the top off the pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin in half, or quarters, for easy handling.

    • 3). Use a large spoon to scrape the stringy pulp and seeds out of the pumpkin. Remove large batches of loose seeds by hand. Place the pulp and seeds in the colander.

    • 4). Place the colander in the sink and turn on the water. Use warm water to avoid burning your hands and damaging the seeds. Use your fingernails to carefully scrape the pulp away from the pumpkin seeds. Place the clean seeds in a small bowl.

    • 5). Empty and rinse the colander after you separate all of the seeds from the pulp. Place the seeds back in the colander and rinse them with warm water. Allow the excess water to drain.

    • 6). Place a double layer of paper towels over a counter or table top. Empty the seeds onto the paper towels. Blot the excess moisture from the seeds with dry paper towels.

    • 7). Place clean, dry paper towels over a cookie sheet. Use as many cookie sheets as you need to make sure that the seeds are not touching. If seeds overlap, they do not dry quickly and can develop mold.

    • 8). Transfer the pumpkin seeds to the cookie sheet. Spread them out in a single layer.

    • 9). Set the cookie sheets in an area free of humidity and heat. Let the pumpkin seeds dry for up to six weeks.

    • 10

      Carefully remove the dried seeds from the paper towels because pumpkin seeds may stick to surfaces. Discard cracked or moldy seeds.

    • 11

      Place the seeds in a large paper envelope. Label the envelope with the name of the seed and the year. Do not save pumpkin seeds for more than one year, as old seeds produce poor plants.

    • 12

      Store the seeds in an area free of heat and humidity.

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