How to Operate "Wii Swordplay"

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    Connecting the Wii MotionPlus Accessory

    • 1). Slip the rubber jacket over top of the remote, and thread the wrist strap through the small hole in the back of the jacket.

    • 2). Plug the MotionPlus accessory into the port at the end of your remote.

    • 3). Lock the accessory by sliding the lock button on the back of the accessory.

    Playing Wii Sports Resort Swordplay

    • 1). Turn on your Wii console and insert the "Wii Sports Resort" disc. Select the "Wii Sports Resort" icon from the main menu, and select “Start” to begin the game.

    • 2). Press the A and B remote buttons simultaneously after the "Wii Sports Resort" opening screen appears. Select “Swordplay” from the main activities menu. Select which swordplay game (Duel, Showdown or Speed Slice) you would like to play from the next menu.

    • 3). Choose a Mii character and the number of players you would like to have in the game. Follow on-screen prompts to advance to the next screen.

    • 4). Place your Wii remote on a flat surface to calibrate the MotionPlus feature when prompted. The game will advance automatically once the calibration is complete.

    • 5). Grasp the Wii remote in both hands with the control pad side facing you. Move the remote swiftly in the air as you would a sword. On screen, your Mii character will move his sword in the same manner. Follow the on-screen training sequence, and the game will begin afterward.

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