Where Can You Get A Guarantor Loan?

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A Guarantor Loan is a product designed to help those that may not be able to obtain credit elsewhere. The basic concept is that the Debtor adds a homeowner onto their application to effectively guarantee the repayment of the finance. As this type of loan becomes more popular, more routes to the finance are emerging.

Going directly to the lender may be an option. Most lenders use brokers to provide them with the customers that are interested in taking out the finance, therefore the lenders could be difficult to find, particularly if you do not know what you are looking for.

Alternatively, a phone call to one of the aforementioned brokers could be a route to the finance. Actually speaking to a real person regarding your application is one of the main benefits to this, however, this type of broker usually has reasonably high running costs. The way this cost is recovered may be by charging a fee to the customer. This fee is normally paid upfront, and is often not refunded in the event that the finance cannot be obtained.

The high street should really be avoided when looking for this type of product. The brokers here tend to lean towards larger amounts, in favour of a greater return. Guarantor loans are generally for smaller amounts, therefore most do not offer them.

A large proportion of customers find that a great way to look for a loan is by applying through an online broker. One of the main benefits is that online brokers do not tend to charge an upfront fee to provide their service. The paperwork and majority of the process can be done through email, meaning funds can be obtained quickly and easily.

You would not pay for something in a shop, and then leave without it, would you? Using an online broker with no upfront fee charges means that you do not pay for a loan that you will not actually receive. As this market continues to grow, this type of broker is providing the customer with the quickest, easiest, and ultimately most efficient service.
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