Brushed Back Hairstyles

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    • Brush your hair back for a chic hairstyle.hairbrush image by Vita Vanaga from

      When it comes to hairstyles that are brushed back off the face, the possibilities are endless. Styles run the gamut from elegant and sleek to messy-chic. Below are three easy styles that range from classic to cool: the classic half-updo, the modern (and messy-on-purpose) side braid and the demure ballerina bun. Choose one to suit the look you're going for, and have fun with your new hairstyle.

    Classic Half-Updo

    • The half-updo is a classic hairstyle that can be adapted to your preference. This style is ideal for women who want to keep hair off the face while still letting it loose. To add extra height at the crown, using a teasing comb to back-brush hair in sections. Once the top layer of hair is teased, smooth it out by gently running the teasing comb over it.

      From there, the half-updo is one of the simplest styles to create: gather the top half of the hair around your face and from the top of the scalp, brush backward and secure with a hair elastic.

    Modern Side Braid

    • Side braids are perfect hot-weather hairstyles. To add volume at the crown and have hair totally off the face, use a teasing brush to create lush volume at the scalp. Begin by scraping hair back with a regular hairbrush. While the hair is down, pull it upward in sections. Starting at the ends and moving toward the roots, back-brush each section with a teasing brush. With each downward stroke, a group of hair strands will fall toward the scalp. Continue back-brushing each section until all of the hair in that section stacks up, creating a small pouf. Repeat this on all remaining sections, and you'll end up with a bouffant-style pouf. Then pull hair to one side and braid in any style you choose. Secure ends with a hair tie.

    Demure Ballerina Bun

    • The ballerina bun is easy and elegant. It's perfect for hot weather, when you want all of your hair off your face to keep you cool. It also serves as a simple updo during the cooler months. Gather all of your hair, pull it back and secure it in a ponytail high on the back of the head, almost to the top of the scalp. Twist the ponytail around your finger, and wrap the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail. Secure the bun by wrapping a hair elastic around the base. Tuck any loose ends under the bun and secure with bobby pins.

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