How to Convert Portlets to Servlets

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    • 1). Open the portlet code that you wish to convert into a servlet by using your preferred code editing application or a plain text editor, such as TextEdit in OS X or Notepad in Microsoft Windows.

    • 2). Locate the "processAction" and "render" sections of your portlet's code. These two methods are the primary differences between portlets and servlets, the latter of which doesn't need two methods to process data and instead does it in one call.

    • 3). Replace the "processAction" and "render" methods in your portlet code and change them to the "service" method. Unlike processAction and render, the service method both requests an update for data and processes the data at the same time, where a portlet will perform the two actions separately in stages.

    • 4). Remove any of your portlet's code that's specific to the "render" function because the render function isn't required when the service method is being used. Save the changes to your portlets code to complete converting it into a servlet.

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