Windows Registry, a Closer Look

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A registry is the storage of the computer configurations information. It systematically stores everything as a computer command reference. The registry allows the computer system to execute advanced software features, plug and play include. The registry helps the operating system to facilitate multiple user and hardware settings.
The entire Windows Registry database is stored in binary files that are not visible in text editor. These two hidden files are System.dat and User.dat. They are hidden so they can be protected from the risk of being accidentally altered.

The System.dat is composed of computer specifications and hardware configurations while User.dat on the other hand contains all user's computer specifications.

Another Windows configuration file is the Config.pol which you can find in the registry. However, this file is only optional. Accessing this file requires you to save all your operating system configurations via Config.pol then place config file to network. Afterwards whenever the user logs on to the computer the operating system will access the system specifications from the Config.pol and implement it to the user's registry.

The Windows Registry is divided in to six major root key or HKEY_Name sections. This section holds registry keys. Registry keys are very similar to a regular Windows folder. This is because each key can hold subkeys while subkeys can also hold subkeys and so and so forth, similar to the foldering system of Windows.

As you can see aside from being an endless configuration record container Windows Registry is also made up of solid foundation filing system. This system allows your Windows to instantaneously execute the commands for both the hardware and users.Windows registry should be maintained error free at all times other wise these errors may hinder your operating system from executing command, thus slowing down your computer's reaction. Keep a well maintained registry system and get the most from your computer's performance.
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