Can You Hide Part of Your Birthday on Facebook?

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    Entering Your Birthday

    • When you sign up for Facebook, you are required to provide your full date of birth. The social networking site asks for your birthday to ensure that you are of age to be on the site. Facebook also has a general rule about providing false or incomplete information on the site; if you are found to have given a fake birth date, your account might get closed.

    Birthday Display

    • Just because you are required to give Facebook your full birthday doesn't mean that everyone has to see the full date. You always have the ability to determine what friends see on your profile, and your birthday is no exception. Go to your profile and click the "Edit Profile" icon in the top right corner of the screen. In the birthday section, select "Show Only Month & Day in My Profile" to hide your birth year.

    Birthday Privacy

    • Use the "Privacy Settings" menu to control who in the Facebook community can see any part of your birthday. Go to the "Customize Settings" link and click on the gray icon next to "Birthday." Select a privacy setting to determine who, among Facebook members, will be able to view your birthday. Options include "Friends Only," "Friends and Networks" and "Friends of Friends." Non-Facebook members can never see your birthday.


    • If you hide your birth year, friends will still be notified of your upcoming birthday on their homepages. Your birthday is displayed along the top of your profile, just under your name and above your Wall. You are permitted to hide your birthday completely, using the "Edit Profile" menu.

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