Cheap High Risk Home Insurance

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If you're in the market for cheap, high risk home insurance you will, ultimately, want to compare prices online.
But before you do that there are few things you should be aware of that might save you money even before you begin your online search.
For example, don't pay to insure the cost of the land under your home.
In other words, don't confuse the cost of rebuilding your home with the cost of purchasing your home.
If you include the cost of the land under your home in the amount of your insurance you are going to pay a much higher premium every month than you need to.
Keep your credit good.
Did you know that when you apply for homeowner's insurance the insurance company runs your credit record?The higher your credit score the less you'll pay every month for your homeowner's insurance.
A home protection system that monitors your home 24/7 could save you quite a bit on your homeowner's insurance every month, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.
First, these systems aren't free.
You'll have to balance the cost of the system against the savings you'll realize every month to see if it will be worth it to you.
The other thing to remember is that not all systems earn you the same discount, so before you settle on one talk to your agent and see exactly how much your monthly savings will be.
By the way, if you have a home-based business you may be able to write off a portion of the cost of a home protection system against your taxes.
When you add a tax savings to the savings you will realize on your premium each month, it could make such a system more attractive.
Along similar lines, if you spring for an upgrade of your plumbing or electrical systems you could create an on-going savings on your homeowner's insurance.
Discuss this with your agent, runs the numbers and see how viable this is for you.
Adding deadbolts, window locks and smoke and fire detectors inside your home could add another 5% savings to your monthly bill.
Over time this savings could really add up.
Paying your premiums yearly rather than monthly will also save you a few dollars.
If you can't do that then see if you can set it up so your payments are made automatically each month.
This will also save you some money.
Probably the fastest way to get cheap, high risk home insurance is to simply increase your deductible.
Increasing your deductible from $500 to $1000 could save you as much as 25% on some policies - but keep in mind that if you ever have a claim you'll have to come up with your deductible out of your own purse or pocket.
, now you should have a few ideas for the best way to fill out the form on a homeowner's insurance price comparison website so that you'll get the best price possible.
The next thing you need to know is that if you really want to see the best prices from the largest number of insurance companies then you can't stop with just one website.
Each website only looks at a small handful of companies, so if you want to really know all of the prices out there you'll need to spend a little extra time and fill out the form on 3 different sites.
It's possible that you'll find price quotes from insurance companies you've never heard of.
Many of them may be the lowest prices.
Before you jump on those take a moment and try to find out a little information about an unknown company before you set up a relationship where you are counting on that company to be there for you for years and years.
But once you've found a company that you're comfortable with, and which has a good price for homeowner's insurance, then you're set.
And you'll be able to feel good, knowing that you are saving money not just this month, but month after month for many years to come.
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