Motorists Warned As Weather Worsens!

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Driving in Snowy Britain.

Today will be the first day of many that you will wake up to snow in Britain, you will also be thinking about your journey to and from work before you have even left the comfort of your own bed.

Driving on the wet and icy roads is something that will worry motorists annually as more and more people are having accidents due to the conditions on the roads in the winter. Thousands of motorist have already had to be rescued after breaking down and this is the first day the snow has hit.

In previous years the country has struggled to issue salt gritters in certain communities leading to a number of schools and workplaces closing for a set period of time. The Met Office has forecast snow in some places continuously for the next three weeks. They have also forecast a further 4ins of snow in eastern areas of the country which may create a number of travel issues.

This time last year the Met Office had issued a severe ice warning and places in Wales will not be far away from that warning themselves as snow will be turned to ice during the cold temperatures of the night in Wales.

The winter is set to have its biggest increase in terms of vehicle write off's and insurance claims as more and more people are neglecting the basic of checks and maintenance of their vehicle along with the current conditions of the road surfaces across Britain.

The AA have released figures at 3:00pm this afternoon stating that they have already had to rescue 23 motorists stuck in the snow. Flights amongst other travel alternatives are going to be affected by the weather and be sure to expect things to only get worse over the next few weeks.

The Met Office have also upgraded its weather warning from the level 2 €cold weather action€ to its level three national warning which is just a short decision away from a national emergency which is expected in the forthcoming weeks as weather looks to worsen in certain areas of the country.

Various warnings and issues have been put in place and we at Aequitas Automotive would like to remind you to take care during the weather warnings and be sure to take extra care on long journeys and allow extra travel time as motorists should drive at a slower speed to allow for the difference in reaction time due to the snow or the ice.
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