How to Fix a Wiggly Toilet Seat

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    • 1). Look underneath the toilet bowl, back towards where the bowl meets the tank and identify the two toilet bolts sticking out through the top of the bowl on either side.

    • 2). Slip a wrench around the nut underneath the bowl and tighten until snug. Rotate the wrench to the right to tighten the nuts.

    • 3). Repeat the tightening process for the nut on the other side.

    • 4). Lift the toilet seat lid and prop it in the open position. Look for the toilet bowl screw covers, which are found on the inside of the lid, facing towards you.

    • 5). Insert the edge of a flat bladed screwdriver underneath the screw cover lid until it unsnaps from the holder.

    • 6). Tighten the screws clockwise using a Phillips screwdriver. There could be one or two screws underneath each screw cap, depending on your toilet bowl model.

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