How to Antique Black Furniture

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    • 1). Sand the surface of the furniture piece you want to antique to remove any shine or gloss. This will help paint adhere easier later. Dampen a piece of cloth, and wipe the furniture surface to remove sanding dust.

    • 2). Brush on a coat of primer onto the surface of the furniture to help paint adhere to it. After the primer dries, sand the furniture surface again and then wipe off the sanding dust with a damp piece of cloth. This will help you get a smooth paint result.

    • 3). Apply paint to the piece of furniture by brushing, rolling or spraying. Use a color other than black. When you complete the project, this color will show beneath the black paint layer. Use any color you like.

    • 4). Brush on a coat of special toner glaze or wetting agent all over the surface of the furniture. This helps you get a streaked, two-toned appearance.

    • 5). Apply a coat of black paint all over the surface of the furniture. If you are working with wood furniture, paint along the grain of the wood. Let the black paint dry for a few hours.

    • 6). Wipe the furniture with a damp terry cloth, sponge, fine steel wool or a piece of carpet within 24 hours of painting the black layer. This removes some of the black paint and lets the other color beneath it show, giving the furniture an aged and worn look.

    • 7). Cover the furniture with a layer of protective topcoat or wax to maintain the antique look of your black furniture.

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