High Blood Pressure and Diet - Preventing Hypertension Through a Diet Low in Sodium and Fats

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Hypertension refers to the increase in blood pressure.
It is a chronic medical condition leading to damages in your major organs like the kidneys, heart and even the brain.
Previously, the condition was only common among the older population.
However, with the prevalence of deleterious lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet and decreased physical activity, the incidence of high blood pressure amongst even the younger generation is alarming.
Today, hypertension is the underlying cause for the death of millions of people yearly.
Generally, the treatment includes medical therapy, but lifestyle changes, including exercise and a diet low in fats and sodium have shown promise.
Knowledge is power; here's some important information about the condition.
Types Health experts classify hypertension as either primary or secondary.
Around 90% of the cases are unknown and classified under the primary type, whereas the remaining 10% are secondary where the underlying cause is identifiable.
Although the causes of primary hypertension are unknown, there are some predisposing factors like sedentary lifestyle, stress, obesity, and diet.
If you love eating salty and fatty foods, your diet could be a significant risk factor in contributing to the development of hypertension.
Secondary hypertension is typically caused by specific factors - such as certain tumors (adrenal glands) or tightening of the artery that leads to the kidneys - that cause an increase in resting blood pressure.
Signs and Symptoms Generally, experts diagnose this health condition by a persistently high blood pressure reading and/or the manifestation of symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion, and sweating.
Your physician will make a thorough assessment on the possible cause/s of the medical condition.
If you don't follow a low fat diet and are fond of eating fatty, salty meals like animal meats, foods high in preservatives and fried foods, there is no doubt about the cause of your symptoms.
Complications If your high blood pressure continues and you tend to neglect diet low in fats and sodium, then complications can begin to appear.
Some of the dreadful complications can involve the kidney, retinas and brain - even resulting in a stroke.
As the arteries become thickened with fats, and clogged with inflamed and damaged tissues in various stages of repair as a result of a high fat diet, your major vital organs will receive lesser amount of oxygen and nutrients, leading to tissue death.
It can lead to blindness and kidney failure.
In many cases, left untreated - symptoms of high blood pressure can lead to the rupture of major blood vessels leading to the brain and major organs causing catastrophic injury and even death.
Treatment Hypertension treatment includes medical management with various classes of drugs.
However, its become increasingly clear that a lifestyle change can also bring about control of high blood pressure - often reducing or even eliminating your dependence on drug therapy.
Of course prevention is always better than cure.
You can begin today by adopting a healthy diet and incorporating exercise as part of your daily activities.
Get serious about your health - lose the fatty diet and start one low in fats and salt, but rich in fiber, while including plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Instead of getting your all your protein from animal meats sources, mix it up a bit! Get some from fish and vegetables sources as well.
Modify your cooking methods to include boiling, broiling and steaming instead of frying.
Medical treatment of High blood pressure is important, but lifestyle and diet changes can avoid the need for treatment or reduce the amount of treatment needed.
Check with your doctor before you consider changing or beginning any treatment.
Hypertension has claimed the lives of millions of people and continues to cause a great deal of morbidity.
However, adopting a low fat, high fiber diet amongst other healthy lifestyle choices can ensure that you lead a long, healthy and high quality life.
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