Green Living Tips

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Green Living Tips, who doesn't need a few more tips to save the earth, energy and money? Living green should be simple and it will be if you follow these few tips.
If you need light for long periods of time, switch to some kind of energy saving light bulbs.
These can be a tube bulb or a screw in fluorescent bulb.
Some people suggest using them next to your computer.
Speaking of your computer, fire your desk top as soon as you can.
Pick up a laptop, these laptop computers use less energy overall and if you have to, you can use the battery back up.
Now, I won't tell you that the battery is the most awesome thing for the environment.
Remember, sometimes we must pick between the evil and the lesser evil.
It also never hurts to unplug anything that you are not using.
My friend likes to unplug his fridge when he is away on vacation or on tour for his business.
The truth is, if no one is home and no food is in that fridge, it is sucking energy for no reason and should be unplugged to save you money.
Okay, now do the same for the television, DVD player, Blue Ray system, stereo and what ever else you can unplug.
Oh, did you check the thermostat? Turn it down a few degrees.
Even one or two can save huge on your electric or oil bill.
Did you check into other forms of heating and cooling? Energy? Maybe there are other forms out there that will be better for you.
You could also move closer to work.
That would make your cost of commute less.
This saves money and energy.
If you drive you save miles on your car and gas.
If you car pool with someone else who works near you, even better.
Use all of these you can and enjoy your green energy tips.
It is not hard to live a greener lifestyle.
This just takes a little getting used to.
Once you start it is like everything else...
easy and fun.
The more fun and easy you make it for yourself and others the better it is for everyone.
Remember the three R's Reduce,reuse and recycle.
Keep in mind that most everyone is doing it more and more.
If you start now maybe you won't be the odd man or woman out.
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