Fisherman"s Wharf: A Perfect Weekend In San Francisco

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For the past several weeks we have been writing and publishing articles that we felt would enhance your visit to the San Francisco Bay Area.

From the hustle and bustle of China Town to the relaxing culinary adventures of North Beach, we have helped you find the very best that San Francisco has to offer.

This weeks article will continue to trend of highlighting fun districts in the city for weekend excursions so that you are sure to enjoy one of the finest experiences possible in the city. This week's attractions has bee famous for quite some time and will be sure to add to your San Francisco adventure.

With great pride, we happily offer you an article on 'Fisherman's Wharf!'

Fisherman's Wharf is one of San Francisco's various districts that have become popular tourist attractions over the course of countless years.

The Wharf is comprised of the northern waterfront area of San Francisco from Ghirardelli Square to Pier 35.

During the very early days of the city's developmental stages, back during the time that is most well known for the California Gold Rush, Fishermen from Italy began to settle near this area for the purpose of catching the city's famous Dungeness crab. Hence the name 'Fisherman's Wharf'.

Truth be told, dating from the gold rush all the way until today, the Fisherman's Wharf district remains the area's premiere spot to see the city's humongous fishing fleet. Although the past thirty plus years the city has undergone a massive effort to transform the wharf into a tourist destination for the millions of global visitors that visit San Francisco each year, this district remains home to the vast majority of the area's fishermen and their ships.

Just stepping out of your vehicle in the area where Fisherman's Wharf resides is a pleasant experience. The smell of New England Clam Chowder, freshly grilled buttered Salmon, and the open air of the waterfront seem to combine to make an intoxicating scent and it settles in the air.

Usually the very first thing that I will do is run to the nearest pier. My typical order consist of a bread bowl of white cod stew, a San Francisco local beer, and some cotton candy. In fact, after enjoying all of that, I usually head over to one of the various Museum in the area. If it s a weekend and you are with children, the Maritime Museum is a great destination and is located in what appears to be a cruise ship. The Maritime museum displays various models of ships and numerous paintings and displays that give you a peek into life on the open sea.

There are countless restaurants, fisherman style bars, and plenty of games and amusement so that the entire family will have something to enjoy!

QUICK TIP: If you are planning to visit the Wharf this weekend, even if it appears to be sunny, dressing in layers is usually the way to go due to the sharp winds that sometimes come whipping off of the Bay. The beautiful Mediterranean weather that typifies the San Francisco Bay Area means that it is usually warm. With that said, you will without a doubt experience the stiff breeze that comes ripping off of the California coastline on more than once occasion.

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