We As Women

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How can one feel good with gender discrimination?
When all sorts of abuses are openly advocated and thrust upon
this assumes greater degree of recognition when it is racially oriented
not a word about atrocity is said or lamented

How do I feel as woman in such matter?
Is it not the global concern or subject matter?
One can come to the conclusion and draw the inference
how many countries still suffer in its presence?

Skin color is their main enemy and source of indignation
People may want their company for sexual relation
Women are considered to be a sex symbol
Even today they have to suffer a lot and face the call

Women can't be raised to dignified level
In many countries they have done exceedingly well
Yet many countries subject them to cruelty and humiliation
They have always faced indignity with existence in question

Time and again it has been warned for their condition
Several laws are in force that causes intimidation
There is lot more yet to be done for their enlistment
Women all over world have strengthened the movement

Nature has given them weak role to play
Even thought they have functioned in peaceful way
Some of the women had to under go male domination
Yet that has not upset the existing relation

Any role for women must lead to their safety
Status and position should be given as per their capacity
We have not liberated them in real sense
Domination has still remained with its essence

How can we play decisive role for their honor?
The most important impediments are cast, creed and color
The race and religion is also not lagging behind
We got to give serious consideration and find

No doubts females can ever be equated with that of males
Yet they have succeeded in many fields and not failed
They have come out with impressive records
We can certainly think about it and look forward

World has yet to recognize their skill and grant equal status
Even though they are coming up fast in our radius
Still more is needed to be done for improving their standard
We have to look beyond and not backward

There is no denying fact that women have suffered in all the ages
We have kept them under captivity and poorly managed
We have done nothing to alleviate their sufferings
Even though they have come up of their own offering

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