How to Fix Writable Cd Windows XP Errors

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When you try to write out data to a CD, you may encounter the following Windows XP error message: There is no disc in the drive.
Please insert a writable CD into drive.
If you receive this message check the following conditions.
If all the conditions are true, then you may be able to fix the problem.
You have either a CD-R or CD-RW drive.
These are the two recordable types of CD drives.
If you have only a regular CD drive (also known as CD-ROM), then this process cannot turn it into a recordable CD drive.
The Properties dialog for your recordable CD drive does not have a Recording tab.
To open the Properties dialog, open My Computer from the Start menu, right click on the CD drive and select Properties from the context menu.
You have a blank CD-R disc in the drive.
If you have a CD-RW drive you may have either a CD-R or CD-RW disc, but a CD-RW disc will not work in a CD-R drive.
A CD-R disc that has already been used will not work.
Fix the Registry Problem 1.
Open the registry edit program RegEdit.
Select Run from the Start menu and type REGEDIT.
WARNING: RegEdit is a powerful tool.
Change only what you specifically need to change.
If you change the wrong information, you may have to reinstall Windows.
Using the folders on the left side navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\Drives 3.
Backup the entry, so you can restore it later if necessary.
Select Export from the File menu and type DRIVES KEY BACKUP and click Save.
In the Drives folder click on the Volume{GUID} folder.
The GUID is 32 characters long and is used as an identifier for the drive.
Double-click on the Drive Type entry on the right side of RegEdit.
Enter the type for your drive in the Value Data box.
If you have a CD-R drive type, type the number 1, or if you have a CD-R, type the number 2.
Click OK to close the dialog window, and then close RegEdit.
Verify the the CD Drive is Fixed To make sure the fix worked, go back to the Properties dialog for the CD drive and make sure the Recording tab is now present.
If the recording tab is showing but you still can't write out a CD, you need to recheck that you have a writable CD drive (just changing the value in RegEdit doesn't change the type of drive), and that you are working with a blank CD.
If all those things are correct, but you still can't write out a CD, it may mean, unfortunately, that your CD drive has failed and needs to be replaced.
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