Sun and Shade Fish Finder Tips

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    • A number of companies offer simple hoods that can be attached to either an electronic fishfinder or a GPS unit to shade the electronic display. According to Glare Stomper, shades reduce washout and glare in sunny conditions. This allows for better visibility of electronic displays. Some types of hoods can be adjusted to fit different-sized electronic displays.

    Color LCD Screens

    • According to Fishfinder, an electronic fishfinder with a color LCD screen can help offset sun glare. Many electronic fishfinder screens are monochrome gray. According to Fishfinder, these screens offer higher resolution than color screens but are more prone to suffering from sun glare. Color screens retain better visibility in bright conditions but are more expensive.

    Anti-Glare Screen Covers

    • A number of companies offer after-market anti-glare screen covers that can be placed on a fishfinder's display to reduce sun glare and protect the screen from scratches and fading. According to Boat Reviews, products like the Lexerd TrueVue Anti-Glare Fishfinder Radar Screen Protector are lightweight, offer excellent scratch protection and reduce glare on the screen. The TrueVue Anti-Glare Fishfinder Radar Screen Protector retails for $19.95 as of 2010.

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