Clients Are Confident In The Results Of A Marine Accident Investigation Performed By STA

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The team at Stewart Technology Associates has worked extensively in the field of marine and offshore drilling. It's this experience that gives credibility to the services we provide our clients, which include the design, engineering and analysis of offshore structures such as wave power systems, single point moorings, steel catenary risers, pile anchors and more. If we didn't consistently deliver high quality results for our clients, then we wouldn't have been able to maintain their loyalty over the years. As it stands, we remain a valued asset to organizations all over the world, from government operations to large oil companies and drilling contractors.

We bring the same level of expertise and credibility when we perform a marine accident investigation for our clients. Determining the cause of an accident is always important because it leads to changes that will reduce the chances of it happening again. This can be even more important with such an investigation because they can end up with a specific person or party being held accountable for the accident. If that kind of accusation is levied, it can only come after a marine accident investigation has been conducted by a credible source. Such an accident won't always be the fault of someone specific but when it is, that's something an organization needs to know but they also need to be confident in the legitimacy of that conclusion.

Because Stewart Technology Associates has worked in this industry for decades, not to mention the years of experience Bil Stewart brought to the table when he founded the company, our team is able to draw from that experience when performing a marine accident investigation. There's rarely something we encounter that we haven't seen before but if we should, our team consists of experts that are fully prepared to solve that problem. It's this approach that has made our marine accident investigation services as reliable as the other services we provide.

As noted, sometimes the results of a marine accident investigation can lead to fault being assigned to a particular person. That can lead to litigation and other legal action which can also require the expert testimony of those who performed the investigation in order to back up the findings. Bil Stewart has provided that expert testimony for our clients in the past, not just related to a marine accident investigation but any incidents that might require him to do so.
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