One Agent Reconsider Yourself

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I love how they fit my face love how they don't let any sun shining at the top come down really low here there you know they're not big decides that the kind of curve around there so there's now a space between my face on the side and a very pretty face and so it's hard to fit sunglasses on me now to have her here my up the bridge my nose is a go in Utterance our sunglasses that has something here like on are not Wayfarers like term aviators.

I can't wear because they make dent right there on my forehead so I have to be really careful in selecting sunglasses that the bridge on you know is low enough that it doesn't give me a dent in my forehead nineties because they seem to perfect the phone line my breast so anyway these are perfect sunglasses for me and I just wanted to say that if you don't wear sunglasses everybody as your ageing and even if you're not bad at all then you're watching this up please wear sunglasses lot of people find out when they get older that not wearing sunglasses can contribute to the growth cataracts over your lifetime sunshine it's wonderful.

I love it love being warmer huff young being at the beach island summer lot sunshine it turns out is create destructive to you know our skin and some parts more bodies including our eyes and so if you look too much you be a UV raise are into your eyes over your life you can contribute to the growth up cataracts and simply wearing sunglasses or Instant Eye Lift wearing a hat with a wide-brimmed to shade your eyes from the Sun can drastically reduce your incidents getting you know I know so many people who know they are in their fifties sixties seventies are faced with cataract surgery and if you can avoid out by simply wearing sunglasses then why not so that is it for the all about eyes tag thank you Lucia protecting me.

I looked in issues listed who she tagged in a lot of people in there then I drolly wouldn't act as well so I can't think of anyone offhand but if you're watching this video and you like the questions in one agent reconsider yourself officially tact arm and that if you do it all for you to link back to me I love it that you too now a complaint links in the comments economic your video time and we can make mind body into yours so that's it for today everybody thanks so much for watching.
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