The Growth of Teeth Whitening Procedures Over Recent Years

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Research studies are finding that a bright and vibrant smile is closely related to social success.
Many consider their white teeth an asset in greeting and meeting others.
Many people try to conceal yellowed or stained teeth in their photographs.
Most feel more confident having pictures made or showing their teeth in smiles after a trip to the dentist's office for a cleaning or completing a teeth whitening session.
In fact, 96% of people interviewed in one study admitted that a beautiful smile makes a person more appealing, especially when it comes to meeting the opposite sex.
It was also found that 74% of people felt that not having an attractive smile could harm a person's chances at a successful career opportunity.
With statistics like these, it is no surprise that more and more people are using teeth whitening methods to enhance their lifestyle both at home and work.
Throughout recent years the use of teeth whitening procedures by dentists has seen a 300% increase.
Over 10,000 professional dentists have now equipped their office with a Sapphire Whitening Light.
This latest of whitening technology has greater intensity for whitening teeth but less sensitivity for the user that many complained about with previous procedures.
When used in combination with teeth bleaching, the light enhances the effects.
Younger patients most commonly request teeth whitening procedures.
While the stats show that many more people are using professional teeth whitening than in the past, even more consumers are turning to cheaper at home teeth whitening methods.
Most studies show that about only 15% of the general population are whitening their teeth at a dental office.
These over the counter kits are more affordable and convenient for the consumer over making dental visits.
Those people using at home remedies for whitening their teeth are unaccounted for when it comes to statistics.
If you have whiter teeth on your mind, you are not alone.
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