Am I Going to Have a Hear Attack or Stroke?

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Adults whose blood pressure is over 140/90 mm Hg are afflicted with hypertension and are more likely to have strokes and heart disease.
It is advisable that those afflicted with this condition see their doctors immediately and start planning on how best to manage their high blood pressure.
There are no symptoms for high blood pressure; indeed, a vast majority of Americans afflicted with high blood pressure are not even aware of it.
This is why it is important to have one's blood pressure checked on a regular basis.
While we do not know why high blood pressure occurs, we do know of some factors that contribute to it and can thus heighten the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
These include eating too much salt, obesity, lack of exercise, stress, and excessive use of alcohol and other illicit substances.
Then there are some hereditary aspects that cannot be controlled.
For example, individuals of African descent are more likely to develop high blood pressure.
They also get it at a younger age, and often in more severe forms.
Symptoms of heart attacks include anxiety, a feeling of impending doom, chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea, and vomiting.
Oftentimes, heart attack patients will feel sick very suddenly.
The symptoms for heart attacks in men are often different from the symptoms in women.
Women most often experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and a feeling of weakness.
About one third of all heart attacks are silent and do not consist of any chest pain or associated symptoms.
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