The HTC HD7 Large Screen Functionality On The Windows 7 OS

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The current range of large screen smartphones welcomes a new member in the shape of the HD7 from HTC.
This differs from many of the handsets currently available in that it works on the excellent Windows 7 operating, a new platform from Microsoft offering a visually different interface than the likes of Android.
Of all of the handsets launched with the new OS, it is undoubtedly the HD7 that catches the eye.
At 4.
3 inches, the screen size does sit on the boundaries of being over sized, however Along with Windows 7 came a range of new phones to accompany the launch, and the HD7 is arguably the one that grabs the attention with its sleek lines and massive screen.
The 4.
3 inch screen measurement does verge on being to big for a mobile phone, but thanks to HTC keeping the overall body measurements to a minimum, the phone does not feel particularly larger then previous generation handsets sporting smaller screens.
Where the screen does come into its own is for viewing movies and video footage, something this phone seems custom built for.
HTC acknowledge this fact by supplying the HD7 with its own stand, enabling the phone to be stood on a desk or table for playback.
In terms of file formats the HD7 can accept both MP4 and WMV as well as H.
264 and H.
At 480 x 800 resolution, the screen looks great, despite utilising TFT rather than AMOLED technology.
Colour reproduction is both vivid and lifelike, making all manner of material look superb.
Not only does the phone offer great results visually, but it also performs well in an area that traditionally lets mobile handsets down, and that is with regards to audio.
Dolby Mobile has been incorporated to make the sound better than ever, and if you find yourself in a public area you can take advantage of the 3.
5mm headphone socket and use your own choice of headphones.
Another area where the HTC HD7 performs well is when you want to access the internet.
Not only does the operating system offer a good browser, despite its lack of flash support, but the handsets excellence with regards to connectivity ensures wherever you are location wise, you should achieve a good connection.
WiFi is the facility that immediately catches the eye, enabling easy connection to a viable network, however the 3G connectivity is more vital given that much of the time this unit will be used whilst on the move.
Whether you are on the train or in a bar, this offers the best mobile connection speeds.
Microsoft ensure that all handsets working on this operating system feature many of the same features, thus along with the large display, the HD 7 also lacks a micro SD card port, however with 16GB of storage on board, it is arguable whether you would ever need to expand upon this.
HTC have produced another great handset with the HD7.
Boasting much of the same excellent features as the HTC Desire HD, the large screen and the impressive Microsoft platform ensure that this model will prove a hit with many consumers.
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