How to Become a Bradford Copywriter

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Copywriters have had to think of new methods of keeping the work flowing and the wolf from the door in recent years. Plan A was once enough, but now Plan B has to be considered.

So what was Plan A? Well, if your website wasn't well-favoured on Google's natural listings, you could chuck a few hundred quid at pay-per-click advertising and find yourself on page one, no problem. The phone never stopped ringing and the inbox never stopped beeping. Today, though, the market's a little different. It's full of wannabes. There's far too much competition for those little Google ads and the only ones clicking on them are sharks wanting SEO content at 2 a page.

So let's get busy on Plan B. What's involved? Well, as a freelance copywriter, there's rarely a need to meet clients these days. You just don't need to restrict yourself to local clients. As a freelance copywriter, you can hook up with customers in Bradford, Broadway or Brindisi with no problem at all, using email, telephone and Skype.

Say you want to drum up business from Bradford. Local companies will be looking for the best freelance copywriter they can find - not the one who just happens to be located in Bradford.

This means that copywriters can now take work from under their competitors' noses. There are two good methods here. One will cost a little bit of money, while the other is basically free. You can alter your Google Adwords account so that it takes searches for 'copywriter Bradford' and 'copywriting Bradford'.

That will cost a few pennies or so. But if you want the same effect without the regular outlay, you could try writing a landing page all about copywriting in Bradford. Tell Bradford companies why it makes sense to work remotely with you as their freelance copywriter from your home studio.

Get your SEO right - choose geographical keywords and place them in your H1 headline and H2 headings. Keyword density? If you aim for about 5% on a 400-word page, that should be fine. This means that about 20 of your words should be keywords.

Before you appoint yourself an honorary Bradford copywriter, there's one final step. You'll want some decent backlinks with useful anchor text. So register with some articles sites, like this one, and write a few articles with anchor text like € copywriter Bradford '. Then sit back and watch your landing page shoot up the North face of Google.
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