About Interior Room Paint Finishes

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Painting the walls of a room are a great way to bring a new look into a drab living environment.
For very little money, an entire look can be created with a few gallons of paint.
However, if you have ever stepped foot into a paint store, you know the color choices are endless.
Without even considering the color options, there are many paint finishes to choose from, from flat to glossy.
Depending on what room of the house you're painting, how often the room will be used, and whether you have lots of tiny little hands around your house, you might prefer a satin paint over a matte finish.
Though one finish may look better than another on sample, take into consideration how often you will need to wash the paint surfaces.
Matte - Paint with a flat, dull appearance is referred to as having a matte finish.
Paint of this type won't reflect light, so it is perfect for touching up blemished wall areas.
However, it can also scratch easily.
Therefore it is not recommended for walls that will need thorough or frequent scrubbing.
Eggshell - With a very small hint of gloss, eggshell paint finish is similar to the texture on an egg, hence its name.
Perfect for rooms that will need cleaning, but with less vigor or frequency.
This finish tends to give walls an upscale feeling, making it perfect for guest powder rooms or adult library retreats.
Satin - This interior wall paint finish has slightly more gloss than eggshell, and is most often used for doors, trim, window sills and kitchen cabinets.
It can be used for walls as well, but doesn't stand up to scrubbing as much as semi-gloss paint.
It's the prefect choice for an elegant looking baby's room or the formal dining room.
Semi-Gloss - Perhaps the most popular interior paint choice, semi-gloss paint stands up well to washing.
It is a good choice for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
The gloss of this finish allows for easy wiping of the spills or crayons markings that kids leave behind.
However, it tends to show blemishes more easily when walls are not properly prepped.
Glossy - Interior walls pained in gloss or high gloss are very rare, though more homeowners are choosing it to paint a special room, or accent small areas of a room -- such as kitchen cabinets.
Gloss finishes are easy to wipe off, though the paint itself will make all imperfections stand out.
Surface prep is therefore very important.
Choosing paint for your next remodeling or decorating project can be a daunting task, but knowing a bit about what is available before you go by is the best way to prepare yourself.
If you do your homework and know what you need, your only worry will be picking the perfect color to go with the room's furnishings.
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