"Warcraft III" Cheats & Hints

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    Change Appearance

    • Some cheat codes enable you to change the appearance of the environment for your game play. For all cheat codes, enable the cheat menu by pressing "Enter," and then type your code. To enable automatic daylight type "riseandshine," or use "lightsout" to switch to night mode. If you want to reveal the entire map, eliminating the need to explore every corner, type "Iseedeadpeople".

    Play Advantages

    • Other cheats give you the upper hand while playing or make it impossible for the opponent to win. Type "warpten" to enable super-fast building. If you want more gold or lumber, type "keysersoze x" where "x" is the amount of gold you want or "leafittome x" where "x" is the amount of lumber you want. If you want to accumulate lumber or gold quickly, type "=" in the cheat console to repeat the last code you entered. For instant victory, type "allyourbasearebelongtous."

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Keyboard shortcuts are your friend, especially in the middle of an intense battle. Group units together by using your mouse to drag a box around the units. When they are all highlighted, press "Ctrl" and a number key to designate the group number to use. You can have up to 10 different preset groups of units. Press the number to reselect the group. Right-clicking also serves multiple purposes. Right-click a group of minerals or lumber to automatically make your unit gather resources, and right-click an enemy to initiate an attack by your unit.

    Know Your Strength

    • The reason for creating four different races is to balance each race so that it is equal to the others, but with a focus for each race to make it unique. When using the humans, balance air, melee and ranged attacks equally for well-rounded play. The orcs have strong ground power and focus more on offensive techniques over defense. When using the undead, employ their speed to your advantage to make a rush attack on the enemy. Each acolyte summons a building and can immediately perform another task without waiting for the building to form. Members of this group also have a focus on air attacks, with three different air units. The night elves use magic and ranged attacks to their advantage.

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