Steps To Help Consumers With Building Credit Scores

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Years ago, getting a decent loan was, well a pretty simple process for consumers. All consumers had to do to get these loans was go to a lender and ask for one with a smile and a good strong handshake. These days however, times are a bit different. If consumers would like to get a good loan from just about any lender these days, they have to have good credit scores. Without good scores, consumers will find it almost impossible to get a mortgage, auto loan or even a good credit card. But, with good scores, consumers can go to just about any lender and ask for a loan of just about any kind and these consumers with good scores would be approved. With that said, here are a few tips to help consumers with bad scores to build their scores.

Step #1: Get a copy of your credit report: The first thing that consumers will need to do when it comes to improving their credit scores is figure out exactly what they are working with. To do so, consumers will need to get a copy of their credit reports. The good news is, consumers don't actually have to sign up for anything to get a copy of their credit reports, all these consumers will need to do is go to AnnualCreditReport Dot Com. This website allows consumers to get 1 copy of their credit report from all 3 major reporting agencies once per year for free! So, the first step is going to be for consumers to get this report and see exactly what is going on with their scores.

Step #2: Start to repay old debts: Often times, consumers have bad credit scores because they have failed to pay back a debt. However, when consumers pay off outstanding loans and credit cards, these consumers will notice great improvements in their scores. So, when consumers get a copy of their reports, they should make a list of all past due credit cards and other loans and make a plan to pay them off. The good news is, if the loan or credit card is far past due, consumers will generally be able to settle their debts for pennies on the dollar and move forward. To do so, consumers should simply call the phone number associated with the negative listing on their reports and ask how they can settle their debts.

Step #3: Get a secured credit card: Secured credit cards are specialty cards designed for consumers with less than perfect credit scores. These specialty credit cards will allow just about anyone to be approved however, before consumers can use their new cards, they must first place a security deposit with their lenders. This security deposit relieves the lenders of the risk associated with approving consumers with bad credit scores for credit cards. When secured cards are used properly, they can help to greatly improve the credit scores of the consumers that use them. For more information on using secured cards properly, feel free to visit!

I hope that I've answered any questions you may have had. However, if you do have any questions that I didn't already answer or you would like me to elaborate on the answers I've given, please feel free to click one of the links below!
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