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Moving, shifting and relocating are something that is nightmarish to all of us. So was it for Julian, one of my college friend, she was a fashion writer and was living in Italy for past eighteen years. She was promoted to as assistant editor and was asked to settle down in Spain. She was supposed to take the charge of magazine's new division. She told me she was going to reject the offer because shifting was not her thing.

I knew how hard Julian had worked for the promotion, Preventivo trasloco so I didn't want her to refuse. I tried to suggest her that she can sell her stuff out and can buy new in the new city. "Being a single mother" she explained "I already have too much to take care about. Starting from everything new will be troublesome; I will have to focus on my work, on my kid and then going for shopping for every second thing will add on to immense trouble. Moreover I won't even have you aside." Oh! That was one intense emotional moment when I too thought that she must refuse to go. We were buddies and we have been a strong support to each other since college.

In the mean while my office was undergoing renovation so I got ample time to hang around with my friends. I noticed Julian was just not ok, she was not able to overcome the loss of opportunity she had. How I wished I could get her a good moving company to make her shift in Spain. I even tried looking for some but they were either expensive or poor.

Finally I found a moving company that helped my company with relocating the office stuff for renovation. Traslochi services offered by the company called Nessi were affordable and very efficient. I called up Julian immediately to tell her about the company. We were happy but were little cynical about the prices of services they will charge for an international shift. Soon we visited the office of the company and were told that it offers preventivo trasloco i.e. a moving estimate. 

Julian readily agreed to hire the traslochi services and after few weeks she called me from Spain, telling me how she will ever be grateful to me for giving her such a good moving company. She told me how the labors were so gentle while unloading the furniture; moreover, the best part was that there was no hidden cost involved in  the entire process, they charged what they told her as preventivo trasloco had estimated.
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