What Can You Do With a Master's Degree in Business?

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    • Even with a master's degree in business, landing anything beyond entry level positions can be difficult. However, many teaching positions will consider your master's degree in business as a valuable asset. If you are interested in business, but not very interested in climbing the corporate ladder, teaching might be the route for you. Teaching also helps you gain valuable experience that, when coupled with your master's degree, can help you to successfully transition into business positions with more authority and responsibility.

    Office management

    • To become an office manager or administrator, you might need to start with an entry level office position. However, you might find that advancement comes quickly when you perform your job well and have a master's degree to your credit. Armed with a master's degree and a little experience, you can work as an executive assistant, office administrator or even a CEO.

    Management consultant

    • Executives seek management consultants for advice on improving the company's marketing and competition. They also receive advice from management consultants on current trends and best practices for business success. With a master's degree in business and executive experience, you can put yourself in a position to advise large, well-known companies on how to thrive in the marketplace.

    Investment banking

    • As an investment banker, you can provide guidance to companies in financial matters. Investment bankers help companies make productive decisions on raising money for product development, marketing and other business needs. They also advise the company on how to avoid wasteful spending and make the most of its resources by investing wisely. If influence and finances are exciting to you, a master's degree in business can equip you for a future leadership role as a company's investment banker.


    • If you are creative, you can play a large role in shaping the direction of a company and its product development. You can help a company decide what type of products it needs to create and market. If you believe your talent is to get people excited about a product, then you can direct the promotional and marketing arm of a company. These doors will be open to you if you have a master's degree in business.

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