How to Upload Files to an SQL Database

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    • 1). Create ODBC Connection to you SQL database:

      - Click System DSN tab in 32-Bit ODBC from START/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/.

      - Click ADD then Select a driver for your target database (Oracle, etc).

      - Provide a Data Source Name (your choice).

      - Provide the Server Name of your SQL database.

      - OK out of all screens until ODBC Connection is saved.

    • 2). Get File System Data in a new MS Access database (.mdb)

      - Click File/New to start a Blank Database in MS Access.

      - Provide a name for the new database and click Create.

      - Import the data file by choosing it via File/Get External Data/Import/

      - Follow set up directions depending on type of file you imported.

      Note: Result is the source data in a new MS Access table.

    • 3). Export New MS Access table to SQL database:

      - With MS Access table highlighted (but not open) goto File/Export.

      - Select ODBC from Save as Type option.

      - Choose name of new SQL database table.

      - Click Machine Data tab of the popped-up Select Data Source

      - Select named ODBC connection made in Step1.

      - Logon to SQL database and verify new table is there.

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