Emergency Preparedness: Better to Be Proactive Than Reactive!

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Emergencies can be events that may keep us behind closed doors, or without food and water for an extended period of time.
Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Power Outages.
Think back for a moment to Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, or the tornadoes that occur yearly in the Midwest.
How about almost a year ago, where in parts of Illinois and Indiana where people were without electricity for almost two weeks.
Millions affected, without a plan.
It is these scenarios, and potentially larger ones that need to make us aware and prepared.
Survival Kits and Disaster Kits should be common in the home.
To be prepared for an event that would not allow us to leave the home.
Or in the event to where we would not have access to food and water.
Think about it, every time on the East coast they predict a major snowstorm, stores are left with NO canned goods, diapers, milk, etc.
You need to be prepared.
If a disaster strikes, your local grocery store will be overrun, then what? Also, people don't prepare adequately in the items they buy to store for long periods of time.
It is critical that we are properly prepared with the right survival items, and a proper quantity to get us through 3 day to 1 week, or longer.
Survival, Disaster Kits, and 72-hour kits should be common in homes without question.
However, I suggest and so do most government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations that motorists be prepared in their cars.
If you and/or your family plan to take a weekend excursion or a two week long vacation, the car should be prepared in a survival situation.
Just as we would take the necessary equipment out camping, our car should be stocked to be a safe haven in case of a situation.
If you were driving through multiple states on a vacation and your car broke down in a rural area, with no cell phone signal, then what? You need to prepare you and your family with the proper clothing, food, and drinks to safely make it through the situation until help arrives.
There is NEVER a reason to be cold, hungry, and dehydrated because you failed to plan and take action on the plan.
We plan for everything in our lives.
Whether it be insurance, finances, education, or auto club memberships, we prepare, we plan.
You need to prepare for the unknown.
You need to take action and protect you and your family, when resources and timing calls for it.
It is better to be proactive than reactive.
You and your family's safety is depending on the action you take now.
Get educated and be prepared.
Take action today, before your next trip, before the next storm, before you can say the phrase, I wish I had just done this.
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