3 Simple Words to Improve Your Business

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At a personal development seminar I heard this 3-word piece of advice that has stuck with me: DEFINE.
Simple, right? But so very true.
Here's my explanation: DEFINE: Define your goal.
LEARN: Find someone who has achieved that goal and LEARN from him/her.
DO: Do what they did.
How great is that? Now let's break it down to a couple of examples: Weight Loss Example: Define: My goal is to lose 50 pounds in 7 months.
Learn: I found Sally who did lose 50 pounds in 7 months.
Do: Once I found out what Sally did to lose the 50 pounds in 7 months I did what she did AND I lost 50 pounds.
Credit Repair Example: Define: My goal is to repair my credit to the point of increasing the score by 100 points within 1 year.
Learn: I found Bob who successfully repaired his credit to the point of increasing his score by 100 points within one year.
Do: Once I found out what Bob did I did the same thing and increased my credit score by 100 points within one year! Realtor Example: Define: My goal is to increase my closings by 2 extra closings per month within the next 6 months during a down market.
Learn: I find Alicia who successfully increased her closings per month by 2 extra closings during a down market! Do: Once I found out what Alicia did to reach that goal I do the same thing and I increase my closings by 2 per month within the 6 months! If you think about it, this DEFINE-LEARN-DO principle can really apply to any portion of your life.
You do not have to re-invent the wheel to have success in whatever you choose.
So if that is the case then why do so many people fail at things? Let's take a look at our examples: Weight Loss Example: Susie told me to exercise for 1 hour every day and only eat 1,500 calories per day.
I started out strong but 7 months is a long time.
I really love ice cream.
I didn't think that a couple of times not following what she said would make a difference.
But it did and I did not reach the goal.
Credit Repair Example: John told me to pay all my credit cards down to 50% of the balances and not to incur more debt.
I needed to repair my car & I ran out of money.
Even though John told me not to incur more debt no matter what I really didn't want to borrow from my parents or work a temporary second job.
Needless to say, I did not reach the goal.
Realtor Example: Alicia told me that I had to learn to market online for buyers and I needed to learn the first-time homebuyer niche market.
She also said that I should make myself available to clients on Saturday mornings.
My internet skills aren't as good as hers and that niche market is very time-consuming.
Also, I really enjoy the time with my kids on Saturday mornings.
So, you guessed it...
I did not reach my goal.
Now how about a Network Marketing Example? DEFINE: I want to add 6 new reps to my primary MLM/Network Marketing business per month beginning within the next 2 months with spending less than $100 per month on lead generation.
LEARN: I find a person (or group of people) that are already successful in generating a minimum of 6 new reps to their primary MLM businesses per month without spending more than $100 per month.
I listen and learn what they do.
DO: I do what the successful MLM or Network Marketing Professional tells me to do! Bottom line...
Define a very clear MLM goal.
Find someone that has achieved what you want to achieve within the network marketing world & learn it all.
Do what they did! DEFINE-LEARN-DO.
A simple...
but powerful idea!
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