Video Marketing - How To Make A Great Video

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We all know that Video Marketing is becoming all the rage at the moment but before you jump in with both feet there are a few things you need to consider.
Firstly, and probably the most obvious thing, you need to know how your camera operates.
Now I do not mean that you need to know what every single function on the damn thing does, I doubt the manufacturers know that, but you must know the simple things for example how to record, if there is a lens cap on, do you need a disc etc.
I know this is ridiculous but you would be amazed at the number of people who do silly things and waste their time and effort.
You must make sure that your location is suitable for recording in.
Do not record in a bedroom with an unmade bed in shot.
Make sure that you are not going to be constantly interrupted by kids or your spouse calling for you to fix the tap or whatever.
The back drop needs to be suitable so set your camera up, preferably, on a tripod but if not make sure it is on a solid surface, is straight and will not move.
You need to have the camera at about head height and make sure that your subject, presumably yourself is large enough in the viewing screen without too much fresh air above your head.
When you think that you have it all as good as it can be, do a quick test shoot.
Use this test to make sure that the frame looks right, there is nothing in the background that you do not want anyone to see and please check the sound level.
Talk to the camera in the voice you intend to use on camera and make sure that you can be heard clearly.
This is often something that gets overlooked.
Make sure that your video is well lit.
You should always have your light source behind the camera.
If you are outside make sure that the sun is behind the camera when filming.
If you are inside, move any lamps from the shot and see if there is a way of shining more light onto your subject.
Use the test shoot to make sure that it is not too dark and that your face can be seen.
Try to make your videos quite short.
People do not very often have a lot of time and will often choose to view 2 or 3 short videos rather than 1 longer one.
Less than 2 minutes is great, over 5 minutes should be saved for the people who want to watch it when you have a following.
Get straight to the point.
By this I mean try not to waffle on about insignificant things.
If you say what you wanted to say and it takes less than a minute that is fine.
Do not try to fill the void by describing the weather unless it means something to the video.
If you are going to make a series of videos in the same session I would offer this advice.
Change the location for each one, even if it is only a slight angle change and change your shirt or something else about your appearance.
You do not want it to be too obvious that they were all shot at the same time.
Another way of making this less obvious is to spread the release of these video over a few days instead of uploading them all at the same time.
I think that when you see a list of videos that all look the same from the screen shot, which yours will if you shoot them all the same as above, do not look anywhere nearly as effective as those that look different.
People might assume that the content was similar and probably only look at one.
Obviously the content of you video is really important but if you do not get the thing looking and sounding right in the first place, no one will watch the video to know what the message you are trying to get across is.
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